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Yuulong Lavender Estate was founded in 1980 by nursing colleagues Edythe Anderson and Rosemary Holmes. They initially bought a 20 acre block in Mt Egerton to graze cattle, but a drought and a calendar photograph of a field of lavender provided the inspiration for alternative use for the land.

Two years later, Edythe and Rosemary formed a business partnership, and with the help of friends, planted the first 1000 lavender plants.

In 1983 they acquired another 20 acres, and established 120 varieties of lavender. At the time of the farm opening to the public in 1985, Yuulong Lavender Estate was the only lavender farm open in mainland Australia.

About the same time, a previously unidentified variety of lavender was found to be flourishing on the property. After considerable studies, the Royal Botanical Gardens in Melbourne gave instruction for it to be named. Edythe and Rosemary decided to call it 'Egerton Blue'.

The estate was subsequently recognised and asked by the Ornamental Plant Collections Association (O.P.C.A) to hold the national collection of lavenders at Yuulong Estate. This collection is now held at the Bendigo Botanical Gardens.

The Yuulong Lavender Estate many years later was sold, and moved by the current owner to a farm on the Mornington Peninsula - with the original Egerton Blue lavender plants being dug up and transported to the new location. Here they now flourish again.

Featured on several episodes of Burkes Backyard, and numerous high profile magazines, Yuulong has been represented in significant events including the Home Beautiful Kitchen and Cooking Show, Harvest Picnic, Country Living Show, The International Garden Show and Victoria on Show.

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